A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As I continue to pursue my interest in S-REIT Investment through s-reitinvestmentblog.sg, I am also increasing aware of the amount of money which I will save through these credit cards.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to consolidate all these credit card offers or rebates which we will be using everyday. I hope that this blog can be a one-stop blog on credit card rebates so that you can use and save money.

Moreover, I am going to post all the major discounts and perks that I currently enjoy for only one purpose. When I need to find data, I know where to look for it all at one place. :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Current Credit Card Usage Situation for me (A Family of Four)

Hi everyone,

Looks like I need to update the credit card uasge and the amount of cashback that I am earning (or going to earn). Here is the profile which I have given earlier.

I am a working adult with a normal job, married with two kids, age 4 and 2 with help from my parents-in-law to take care of my kids. Thus, my groceries budget is catered to six people (sometimes eight). Because of this, dining during weekdays are rare as my mother-in-law cooks for us.

I live in a 4-room HDB flat. Thus, I have Singapore Power bills and S&CC charges.

I bought a car two years ago because of my second kid so I have car related budget.

I send one of my kids for Shichida course in Toa Payoh which explains why I needed education budget.

I subscribe to Mio Home plan with 3 handphone lines linked to it. Thus, I have a Singtel budget.

With this profile, here are the savings I have from most of the expenses I incur. I will update it as time goes by. (It is based on yearly expenses and cashback)

Using Citibank Dividend Card

  • For Groceries (Alternating with NTUC Fairprice and Giant) = $6,000 per year => $480
  • From NTUC U Member (Groceries) = $240 - 117 = $132
  • For Petrol = $1,800 per year => $144 
  • For Dining = $2,400 per year => $192
Using Standard Chartered Singpost Card

  • For HDB Carpark (Online purchase) = $1,140 per year => $79.80
  • For Car, Home and Travel Insurance (Online purchase) = $1,250 per year => $75
Using Citibank Rewards Card
  • For Departmental Store = $1,200 per year => $39.60
Using Citibank SMRT Card

  • For S&CC = $684 per year => $34.20
Using POSB Everyday Card
  • For SP Services = $1,920 per year => $19.20
Using OCBC 365 Card (Under Review)
  • For Singtel = $1,800 per year => $54
Total = $1247 (About $100 per month)

I am still looking for Credit Card which give rebates for Education as it is one of the major expenses, and for Singtel bills because I am reducing my usage on OCBC 365 card. Likely to consolidate other the last four credit cards to the first three since they are willing to give more rebates if we hit the minimum amount.

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