A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As I continue to pursue my interest in S-REIT Investment through s-reitinvestmentblog.sg, I am also increasing aware of the amount of money which I will save through these credit cards.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to consolidate all these credit card offers or rebates which we will be using everyday. I hope that this blog can be a one-stop blog on credit card rebates so that you can use and save money.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Money saved - For a Single (and available) person

I got a friend who gave me some of his expenses as a young single, available adult who has stepped into the working world for about 4 years with some savings. Here are his expenses and recommended cards.

Dining - $10 per day - $300 per month (Not very sure whether he uses cards so I am going to discount this)
Public Transport - $80
Telco - $34
Two Insurance Policies - $200
Unit Trust Investments - $600
Other expenses - $200

For him, the focus is "Be focused". His spending is not high so all those minimum spend cards are not useful. So my recommendation is to focus on OCBC 360 Account because he needs high savings returns to help him save as much as possible. Here is the savings

OCBC 360 Account
1) 1% Savings when he switches to bank in his salary into this account.

2) Another 1% for doing the following. Transfer his GIRO transactions to his OCBC 360 account i.e. Unit Trust Investments, and two Insurances policies. That will give him another 1%.

3) As for the third 1%, sign up for a OCBC 365 card and try to spend $400 especially with his "other expenses". Link his Ezlink Card or Nets Flashpay card (Transport expenses) and Telco to this credit card to try to accumulate more expenses. If you can't, don't force it. Just treat it as a bonus when it comes.

If he has $20,000 savings (Assuming $5,000 savings per year), he will earn $400 per year just on its interest.

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