A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As I continue to pursue my interest in S-REIT Investment through s-reitinvestmentblog.sg, I am also increasing aware of the amount of money which I will save through these credit cards.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to consolidate all these credit card offers or rebates which we will be using everyday. I hope that this blog can be a one-stop blog on credit card rebates so that you can use and save money.

Moreover, I am going to post all the major discounts and perks that I currently enjoy for only one purpose. When I need to find data, I know where to look for it all at one place. :-)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Reviewing my Credit Card Savings - Part One (Citibank Dividend Card)

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I made my last post on Citibank Dividend Card which is now my main card, taking most of my purchases to chalk up the $888 minimum every month. I am glad that I am able to do it at this point.

How do I do it? Well, here is my expenses and savings.

Supermarket Groceries
=> $250 per month in NTUC, $250 per month in Giant
=> $40 cash rebates

=> $150 per month
=> $12 cash rebates

=> $200 per month
=> $16 cash rebates

Others (Singtel & S&CC)
=> About $220 per month
=> $0.55 cash rebate (miserly)

=> $1,070 per month
=> $68 cash rebate

What do you think? :-)


  1. Can i ask how do you calculated your groceries cash bate to be $40?

    "You will receive cash back equivalent to 0.25% of the amount of the retail purchases, and you will receive cash back of up to 7.75% on all Petrol, Groceries and Dining transactions worldwide if you accumulate a total retail spend of S$888 or more in a statement month. Earning of 7.75% on Petrol, Grocery and Dining category will be capped at DIV S$25 per category per month."

    I calculate your $500 groceries spending at 0.25% to be $1.25 + Max DIV S$25 = Total $26.25 cash rebates per month assuming you have a min monthly spending of $880

    Please highlight if I have misunderstood the terms and conditions wrongly or if there is an error in my calculations.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Many thanks for pointing out the error. It is my mistake. I read the terms and conditions as "DIV S$25 per merchant" when it actually says "DIV $25 per category"

      I will need to redo my calculations. Many thanks!

      Happy Savings Together.