A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As I continue to pursue my interest in S-REIT Investment through s-reitinvestmentblog.sg, I am also increasing aware of the amount of money which I will save through these credit cards.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to consolidate all these credit card offers or rebates which we will be using everyday. I hope that this blog can be a one-stop blog on credit card rebates so that you can use and save money.

Moreover, I am going to post all the major discounts and perks that I currently enjoy for only one purpose. When I need to find data, I know where to look for it all at one place. :-)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Reviewing my Credit Card Cash Rebates - Part Two (Singpost Standard Chartered Bank Card)

Hi everyone,

After looking at Citibank Dividend Card, let's take a look at others which helps to generate cash rebates and thus saves some money. Here is another one, Singpost Standard Chartered Bank Card which gives 7% Cash rebate on Online purchases with a minimum of $600 purchase.

HDB Parking (Online Purchase)
=> $1,140 per year (Must buy on a per 9 months basis to maximize the cash rebates.)
=> $79.85 cash rebates
=> $6.65 cash rebate per month

Car Insurance (Online Purchase)
=> $1,000 per year
=> $60 cash rebate
=> Average of $5 cash rebate per month

Personal Insurance (Online Purchase)
=> $200 per year (Need to choose the right month to buy)
=> $14 cash rebate
=> Average $1.20 cash rebate per month.

=> $2,340 per year
=> $155 cash rebate per year
=> $13 per month

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