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Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to consolidate all these credit card offers or rebates which we will be using everyday. I hope that this blog can be a one-stop blog on credit card rebates so that you can use and save money.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

CIMB Platinum Card - My Insurance and Education Card


CIMB Platinum Card gives 3.8% cash rebate on insurance, education and home furnishing. It is very useful if you have big tickets to purchase especially when other banks are shunning insurance payments. Here are some of my data for your analysis.

Some drawbacks include
1) Minimum $500 for the month
2) Maximum of $600 Cashback

In 2014 up to today, I have spent about $1600 on home furnishing, $200 on my family's personal accident insurance and I am currently paying $830 per quarter for my children's education. The data is as follows on an annual basis (Do note that all bills are at least $500 just to make sure that I don't have to spend extra just to earn the rebates.)

Education - $830 x 4 = $3320
Home Furnishing - $1600
Insurance - $200
Total = $5120

3.8% rebate = $194.56 saved. (About $16 per month)


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